What if I keep the movie or TV rental for longer than the initial hire period?

Did you fall asleep half way through, or get distracted by something else? Don’t worry, you can keep it for as many days as you like.

The initial rental period for movies is 1 night. If you want to keep your movie for longer than the initial hire period you’ll be charged an additional $3.99* per rental per night and you'll receive a receipt once your rental has been returned.

For movies, if after 10 days, you don't return the movie, it is yours to keep and you will be charged $39.90 (which includes late fees) and an additional purchase fee of $10.00 totaling $49.90.

Remember... as long as you return the movie by 9pm or before the host store or shopping centre closes by the end of the initial rental period, you’ll only be charged the initial cost of the rental.





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