How do I use HOYTS Kiosk?

HOYTS Kiosk is super-easy to use. First of all, find out where your nearest HOYTS Kiosk is - you can do this by searching locations here.

Once at a kiosk, to rent a movie just pick the one you want to see from the on-screen menu. Hit the RENT button, swipe your Credit or Visa Debit Card and enter a valid email address, and out pops your movie.

To return a movie, just pop your movie into the same slot that it came out of when you rented it and the screen will let you know when it has been accepted.

Also, don't forget once you have rented with us initially, you're able to reserve online prior to visiting the kiosk to ensure the movie you want is held for you. Click here to reserve a movie today!

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