My machine is offline – what can I do?

Is the screen black or showing a message to say that it is “offline”? Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to return to that Kiosk at that time. Even if the slot is green, please do not try to return your disc to this Kiosk as doing so may cause further damage to the machine. Most importantly, your rentals will not be recognised as returned as the discs can eject from the kiosk and taken by people passing by.

Although we have a great team to ensure the Kiosks are fully operational, sometimes factors like the weather or age of parts can cause the kiosk to breakdown.

In most cases, our team are already aware of the status of the Kiosk and are already organising for a technician to visit.

Until the Kiosk is fixed, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 656 893 or submit a request with us, to prevent any extra day fees from charging to your account.

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