How do I reserve a movie online?

It’s easy. Once you’ve used HOYTS Kiosk for the first time and entered your email address, you’ve got an automatic login for future online bookings.

Select a movie available at your preferred HOYTS Kiosk location & click on RESERVE

Login with your user name and password. Here’s a big hint – to keep it simple, your username is your email address and your password is the last four digits on the credit card you used.

Wait for notification onscreen that your reservation has been successful - you will also received email notification of this 

Pop by the HOYTS Kiosk within six hours to pick up your movie. Once you're there, just hit the ‘Reserved Movies’ button, swipe your credit card, and your reserved movies will automatically come up - you can add more movies to your transaction, or change your mind. Now is also the time to use any promo codes you might have. You then swipe your card again, and your movies will be delivered.

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